Only the imagination can embrace what looks like the impossible, and I think it is our attitude that makes the difference. I am aware, however, when experiencing depression, unmanageable anxiety, and other debilitating symptoms, adopting an attitude that fosters improvement can be difficult. However, my experience has taught me that, if this is accomplished, beneficial and lasting change often occurs.

Attachment-based psychotherapy

My years of clinical experience seem to support the notion that many individuals who seek counselling have experienced difficulties during the early part of their life. Perhaps there were addiction problems within the family, bereavement, parental divorce, neglect, and other varieties of disturbance. These experiences often adversely affect the way in which we develop, the relationships that we form, and the way in which we feel about and view ourselves. Unfortunately, the impact of these early events during our development all too frequently casts a significant shadow on our teenage years and continues well into adult life.

Some objectives of attachment-based psychotherapy are as follows:
  • obtain a deeper understanding of yourself
  • gain an enhanced ability to form healthy and nurturing relationships
  • become more resilient to increased levels of anxiety
  • develop more of an interest in life and engagement with it

How I work

I work on a one-to-one basis with individuals who are experiencing difficulties in their life. As a counsellor, and as an individual, I am an empathic and compassionate listener, as well as being trustworthy, honest and dependable. I have a natural curiosity about people, and I use this, along with my broad range of clinical experience and extensive education, to help provide an environment that is both safe and confidential, and one where an individual can explore their thoughts, feelings and associated behaviours that have contributed the difficult circumstances from which they seek relief.